Son Montuno & Bolero Pagina

Son Montuno

Salsa-achtige, ingetogen dans vorm.
Geen pasjes, maar dansen op gevoel.
Heel dichtbij. Heel simpel, heel spannend, heel fijn.
Sentiment, Flow, Recht uit het hart, In kontakt.

"Many present day dancers are intimidated by slower-tempo music perhaps because they do not know how to use the space in the music.
Dancers of today are so accustomed to very fast music in which patterns and combinations are their focus instead of executing movements across a broader span of time in the music. Many dancers will clear the dance floor when a slower song is played.
Space in the music does not mean that there is less happening in the music and dance but rather the contrary.
     - Josue Joseph -"

Bolero (Cubaanse Bolero)

Romantische dansvorm. Lijkt op Son Montuno. Prachtige muziek.
Nog meer dansen op gevoel.