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Discontinued at December 21st, 2019
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Generic Build Support (GBS) - Documentation & Downloads

Downloads below



Version 6.01 (Build 2021-03-20) released (Windows 10, Windows 10 WSL, Linux).
Perl 5.16 required.


Version 6.00 (Build 2020-03-05) released (Windows 10, Windows 10 WSL, Linux).
Perl 5.26 required.


Version 5.00 (Build 2019-04-02) released (Windows 10).
ClearCase and CMSynergy are not supported anymore


Version 4.01 (Build 2018-01-12) released (experimental GUI)


Build 4.00 (Build 2017-03-08) released (C++Test!)


Build 4.00 (Build 2016-02-18) released


From the next version of GBS on, the support of CVS and VSS (Visual SourceSafe) will be discontinued.
These are really archaic systems and as far as I know no current GBS implementations uses any of them anymore.
If you still do, please let me know.


Build 4.00 (Build 2015-03-10) released


Release 4.00 (Build 2015-02-17) released (Git!)


Version 3.01 (Build 2014-07-08) released


Version 3.00 Build 2014-03-18 released


Version 3.00 Build 2013-12-13 released


Version 3.00 Beta Build 2013-10-02 released


Release 3.00 Beta Version released

Free Version

GBS is Freeware with the following conditions:
GBS Consultants can be appointed by Randy Marques Consultancy only.


For a simple project you can start using GBS quickly and keep in mind that everything has its place.
I strongly suggest reading the 'Getting Started' part in the GBS Help.
Following the instructions in Create a GBS-WA/System will quickly set you on track.

The power of GBS it its concept.
So on the long run this means that in order for you to use GBS to its full extent, you must understand the concept and use GBS as intended.
Understand GBS by: OR
  • Be trained in the concepts and use of GBS by a hired GBS Consultant (Yes!).
  • Setup your project with the help of a hired GBS Consultant (Yes!).

GBS Concepts

View/Download the GBS Concepts PowerPoint (PDF)

GBS Programmer

View/Download the GBS Developer PowerPoint (PDF)

GBS Help

View the GBS documentation GBS Help (HTML).


  1. Download the Zip-file
  2. Unzip it in a temporary directory
  3. Run Install and follow instructions
Recommended minimal reading: Release Notes can be found at: Release Notes

Available Downloads

Please send me an when you download GBS and - later -tell me if you are using it and/or what you think of it.
I will use your email-address only to communicate GBS essentials and it is not disclosed to other parties.

Beta Version

None at the moment

Latest Version Build

Older Builds


Please give feedback: Send a mail to: