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Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Embedded Software Development
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Visualising the V development model, a software project is basically a race from the left-top end of the V to the right-top end.
And just down there, in the sharp curve up, projects tend to slide off the track.
There is where I come in.
And when I leave, after a limited time, the dark clouds have been replaced by sunshine and a rainbow - hence the rainbow in the logo.

"No frills" consultancy in the areas of:

Code Quality

  • Do you spend much time bug hunting?
  • Does your (C) code lack clarity?
  • Do you have obscure no-touch areas in your code?
  • Problems with Coding Standards?
  • Portability problems?

The Solution:

  • Courses, Review Sessions, Assessments, Coding Standards

Build Automation

  • Are you troubled by spaghetti makefiles, make voodoo and/or system builds that take the better part of the day?
  • Does the need to support multiple platforms and feature sets result in a maintenance nightmare?
  • Unreliable partial make?
  • Does your build crash more than once in 2 weeks?

The Solution:

  • Assessments, Generic Build Support, Review Sessions, Courses

Software Configuration Management

  • Do you feel that your SCM is burdened by top-heavy "process satisfaction"?
  • Do you restrict yourself to two or three SCM commands, because you find SCM to complex and/or elaborate?
  • Do previously solved errors suddenly re-appear in your updated code?
  • Is your SCM elaborate, complex and error-prone?

The Solution:

  • Assessments, Reviews, Courses

Available Courses, Workshops and Presentations

Many of you, have come to believe (and accept!) that SW Development is time consuming and error-prone. That continuous bug hunting is part of the deal and that build crashes are just as normal as your cup of coffee in the morning. And that Software Configuration Management is a tedious hassle and that you should just know enough to get by.

No wonder that most lose their inspiration and creative power along the way. The very thing that drew you to this ever fascinating and evolving engineering field, seems to be clouded by all that "extra stuff" that seems to come with it.

But there is indeed a better way. And that is what the courses down below are all about. They bring clarity where there first was confusion and complexity. And in doing so, they restore your natural creativity, improve quality, remove process tension and increase productivity.

Bold words, but proven time and time again

Courses and Workshops

  • Programming in C
  • C Refresher ("Puntjes op de C")
  • Safer C™
  • Software Configuration Management Basics
  • Build Automation Basics
  • An Introduction to Static Analysis


Course materials and sheets are in English.
Presentations can be in Dutch, English and Papiamento.


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