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Randy Marques Consultancy was discontinued on December 21st, 2019
But... GBS will remain in development.
Will be moved - with sources - to an Open Source location - mid 2021

Generic Build Support (GBS)

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Reliable Builds - Flexible, Simple, Fast

Conceived and created by Randy Marques, GBS is a powerful generic build system for software development that helps increase the reliability of your software projects and introduces a uniform way of working.


GBS, Build Automation Done The Right Way

Software Development teams have come to believe that build problems are really a trick of the trade.

The problems entail project and application specific directory structures, questionable system integrity, exploding numbers of supported application variants and insufficient support for additional code auditing tools.
All too often the solution is found in complex scripts, involving 'make' magic beyond the common grasp. The net result? No one dares to touch the 'make file', in fear of breaking what essentially already is broken.
There is a way out though...

Basic Fact

Software development accommodates changing product requirements and conditions over time.

Basic Need

To manage software build diversity that inevitably grows in order to facilitate this.


Build problems are a necessary evil that come hand-in-hand with ever increasing diversity in a software development environment...

Key Benefits of
Generic Build Support:

  • A simple, consistent and powerful build mechanism
  • Multi-platform support
  • 100% reliable builds with fully compliant make files
  • Suitable for any size of Software stack/system
  • Independent from Configuration Management System
  • Simple in use, easy to learn
  • The end of Build Systems being a bottleneck

Adaptable - Transparent - Simple - Unified

What Others Say

"The most compelling reasons for us to use GBS are:
  • the 100% reliability of every build
  • the ease of building multiple variants of an application
  • as part of our common IDE, that our engineers can move from project to project with ease"
Peter Janssen,
Test and Configuration Manager
RIALTOSOFT Automotive Engineering Services

"..for me the most remarkable aspects in using GBS are:
  • the ease of adding new components during development
  • the uniformity in building components, throughout the system.
  • the ease of generating an overview of dependencies between components
  • the ease of defining the scope of a component
  • even with its predefined structure it allows for the integration of 3rd party software
An added benefit is that it can be used to guard the architecture. I promote the usage of GBS for every project I partake in."
Ronald Linders,
Build Manager
Philips Applied Technologies

GBS, The Concept

First and foremost, GBS brings a change of focus. It is rooted in simplicity and consistency.

GBS, The Agreements

GBS enforces and supports a common way of working. Making knowledge transferable from project to project.

A Predefined Directory Structure

Everything has its place. Thus freeing creativity for where it is truly needed: Creating the application!

Application Independent

GBS supports every kind of application. Yes, even your-multi-site-never-done-before-one-of-a-kind-application.

The End Of User-written-scripts

Say farewell to the days of updating the scripts for every new variant and or situation.

GBS is fully transparent in structure and usage ensuring that you yourself will never have to write a build-specific script again.

Scope Control

Easily enforceable, both on Component and Subsystem level.

Multi-platform Generation

Concurrent generation for multiple platforms using a single work area.

Fully traceable and trackable to every build option used for the generation of that platform.
In fact, GBS represents the end of the familiar "dependency hell"!

GBS, The Offering

Fully implement GBS in your organization including:
  • Assessment of the current environment
  • Setup of GBS
  • Training of all team members
  • Support and maintenance


Randy Marques: Contact

Is GBS useful for me?

There are may other tools available, why should I use GBS?


Generic Build Support is a way of setting up a directory structure combined with generic scripts to accommodate Build Automation for almost any kind of software project.
Building information is kept in dedicated files enabling automatic generation of make files, independent of platform or SCM System.

The key aspect of GBS is the directory structure.
Its rigid and strict[1] nature makes sure that everything has its place so that it can be easily retrieved and it is assured that any GBS command will run on any SubSystem created according to the GBS Directory Structure rules.
This directory structure makes it easy to swap and/or share software between projects (interchange ability) and ensures an unified way of working.
And yes: where needed there is all the freedom you need!

You can run GBS parallel on Windows 10, Windows 10 WSL and Linux systems, sharing the same physical directory structure.
Although not tested: There is no reason why GBS should not run on Unix or Windows 7>

[1]Rigid and strict really means that no deviations are allowed.

Latest Versions

The latest build version is: 6.01_2021-03-20



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